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Check Valves

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Y Type Check Valves 1500

Price: 209.00 - 2000.00 INR/Piece

Forged Steel Y-PATTERN Check Valves : Usmani Valves ( UTVC Make ) Y-Pattern Check valves are available in three bonnet designs. The first design is the Bolted Cover, with male-female joint, spiral wound gasket, made in F304/graphite. Ring joint gasket are also available on request. The second design is the welded bonnet with a threaded and seal welded joint. On request a full penetration strength welded joint is available. The third design is the pressure seal bonnet, with a threaded and pressure seal bonnet joint. Check valve Design construction and Specification.

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Pressure Seal Check valves

Price: 216.00 - 2000.00 INR/Piece
  • Media:Oil
  • Material:Brass
  • Power:Manual
  • Pressure:High Pressure
  • Surface:Powder Coated
  • Supply Ability:250 Per Day
  • Delivery Time:1 Days
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Lift Type Check Valves

Price: 203.00 - 2003.00 INR/Piece
  • Supply Ability:250 Per Day
  • Delivery Time:1 Days
  • Working Temperature:Medium
  • Media:Water
  • Material:Brass
  • Surface:Powder Coated
  • Pressure:High Pressure
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Wafer Check Valve

Price: 209.00 - 2009.00 INR/Piece

Usmani Valve check valve UTVC are single plate swing check valve, short pattern conforming to API 6D and ANSI B16.10 face to face dimensions. The valve has a simple but robust construction with total reliability. The low inertia disc design enables the valve to open or close at a very low differential pressure making it ideal for pump discharge duties etc. The short face to face dimensions and low weight can reduce the number of pipe supports. Either slip on or weld neck flanges are suitable for the range, the UTVC model being supplied with internal gaskets. Gaskets are recommended for the UTVC model.

Product Image (107)

PTFE Lined Ball Check Valve

Price: 201.00 - 2001.00 INR/Piece

PFA / FEP Lined Ball Type Check Valves UTVC Make Full Port Design: The full port design offers excellent flow characteristics to minimize pressure loss. Low Opening Pressure: The minimum opening pressure required to unseat the ball in the vertical position is 0.07 bar (1 psi).Safety Glass: For those applications requiring a higher flow capacity. Solid PTFE Ball: The ball has the same properties as the PFA or FEP lining material.Borosilicate glass, in accordance with ASTM Standards, is utilized to withstand temperatures, mechanical stress and corrosion.

Product Image (104)

Disc Check Valves

Price: 200.00 - 2000.00 INR/Unit

Valve Feature Usmani Valves Co Pvt Ltd ( UTVC make ) Disc Check Valves are recommended after traps discharging into closed systems to guarantee Non return or no reverse flow. These check valves can be mounted between pipe flanges in any direction. DCVS feature a compact and rugged stainless steel design and are suitable for any process liquid & gas, apart from steam. Disc Check Valves are designed to be sandwiched between flanges i.e. wafer type. They are suitable for use on a wide range of fluids for applications in process lines, hot water systems, steam and condensate systems etc. Face-to-face dimensions conform to EN 558 part 2, series 52.

Product Image (52)

Check Valve

Price: 225.00 - 2000.00 INR/Piece
  • Media:Oil
  • Color:Brown
  • Power:Hydraulic
  • Material:Brass
  • Pressure:Medium Pressure
  • Surface:Powder Coated
  • Delivery Time:1 Days
  • Supply Ability:250 Per Day
Product Image (60)

Dual Plate Check Valve

Price: 200.00 - 2000.00 INR/Piece

Valve Feature The dual Plate Check Valve is an all-purpose non return valve that is much stronger, lighter in weight and smaller in size compared to a conventional swing check valve or life check valve. The Dual Plate Check Valve design is the result of attempts to solve the problems associated with swing check valve and lift check valve.The Dual Plate Check Valve employs two spring-loaded plates hinged on a central hinge pin. When the flow decreases, the plates close by torsion spring action without requiring reverse flow. This design offers the twin advantages of No Water Hammer and Non Slam simultaneously. All features put together make the Duals Plate Check Valve one of the most efficient design. It is also referred as SILENT CHECK VALVE. The valve design conforms to APS 594 as well as API 6D except face to face dimensions of ANSI 125 cast iron valves of sizes 65mm (2) to 300mm (12 Dual Plat Check Valves are available in wafer design, flanged wafer design and extended design with flanged ends having face to face dimensions as that of a swing check valve.

Product Image (57)

Check Valve

Price: 220.00 - 2010.00 INR/Piece

Valve Feature: UTVC make Cast Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel or Alloy steel swing type Check valve Bolted Cover BS 1868 A check valve, clack valve, non-return valve or one-way valve is a valve that normally allows fluid to flow through it in only one direction. Check valves are two-port valves, meaning they have two openings in the body, one for fluid to enter and the other for fluid to leave. There are various types of check valves used in a wide variety of applications. Although they are available in a wide range of sizes and costs, check valves generally are very small, simple, or inexpensive. Check valves work automatically and most are not controlled by a person or any external control; accordingly, most do not have any valve handle or stem. The bodies (external shells) of most check valves are made of plastic or metal. An important concept in check valves is the cracking pressure, which is the minimum upstream pressure at which the valve will operate. Typically the check valve is designed for and can therefore be specified for a specific cracking pressure.

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Check valves 800

Price: 205.00 - 2001.00 INR/Piece

Valve Feature: The forged steel piston check valves are manufactured according to API, ANSI, ASME standard, for industrial applications. The forged check valves can be piston type, ball type, swing check type.The cover is bolted, NPT threaded ends or socked weld ends. The body of the valve is in A105 / F6, other materials are available upon request.


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